Do You Want to Reach The Lost, Break Stagnation, and See Your Church Grow?

Grow the leader. Grow the church.

From the desk of Pastor Jacob Schmelzer

January 2020

Eugene, OR

Dear leader,

If you'd like to break stagnation, get a steady flow of guests (that become full fledged disciples of Christ) and see your church grow consistently then my new membership program "UpLevel Leader" can show you how.

UpLevel Leader is a community for pastors and church leaders that don't want to be part of the 85% of north american churches that are stagnant or in decline. (aka becoming irrelevant until they disappear...)

This membership was designed from the ground up with one simple mission:

Grow the leader. Grow the church.

Through pastoring my own church in an extremely unchurched community (Eugene, OR - 3%-6% churched) that is often downright hostile towards Christianity (and the church in general) and also coaching over 400 pastors over the past few years I've learned A LOT about what it takes to reach people and grow (including homosexuals, atheists, and people that would sooner burn a church to the ground than go to it...)

We've grown from 29 on day one to over 500 in only three years primarily through outreach and marketing (some church transfer but we're honestly not popular with the roving mob looking for EZ church...we're way too demanding! We actually expect disciples to give, serve, and these people tend to RUN THE OTHER WAY!)

Our church is radical about soul-winning and discipleship and passionate about reaching people for Christ.

So, we've used Facebook, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Door to Door, Billboards, and whatever else we can to share the gospel and get people to church....

And now, for the first time, I'm making all of the training on how to do the same thing available to YOU as a part of UpLevel Leader.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • A proven process for getting first-time guests every'll learn the same strategies that we’ve used at Joy Church (and being used by hundreds of growing churches around the world) to grow from 29 to over 500 members in less than 3 years…

  • How to position your church to break your current attendance barrier in the next six months…even if you’ve been stagnant for weeks, months, or even years!

  • The simple tweak that will get your congregation excited about inviting their friends, family, and neighbors to church! Even if they’ve been reluctant or completely unwilling in the past…

  • The absolute best strategy for breaking attendance barriers...the same one we've used to double our attendance 5X in the past three years.

  • How to use simple social media invite ads to get first guests every Sunday...without breaking the bank…

With over 2 BILLION (that's billion with a "B") people on Facebook alone it's one of the best places to reach people with the Gospel. And we've seen it work extremely well...even on a small budget. Like when we got 20 visitors from a $20 video ad (several then joined our church and we got to baptize the dad of the family). If the Apostle Paul showed up in the 21st century do you think he'd be interested in using this tool? Absolutely!

So you'll learn...

  • How to create authentic conversations with people that need Jesus that start on social media but carry over into the REAL world...we’ve seen this many times!

  • How to invite your entire city to church (if you want to) in less than 30 you’ll instantly be “on the radar” of anyone that’s looking for a church to attend.

  • How to ​break down the two biggest barriers that are stopping your church from growing...that you probably aren’t even aware of...that are actually EASY to demolish when you use facebook the right way...

  • The "better" way to make videos that doesn't require expensive gear or software but actually increases the effectiveness of your video invites!

  • Proven ad scripts and templates that you can use in your ads so you don’t have to worry about coming up with what to say anymore! No more “freeze” when the camera goes on or when it’s time to create an ad...

  • How to write ad copy (the words in your posts) so good it’s like cheating…Hint: It’s easier than you think when you care about and pray for the people in your city...

  • The best way to create ads and videos that actually get people to come visit...and the way to make them nearly impossible to ignore by using Facebook custom audiences to make sure the right people always see the right post.

  • The big mistake most churches make when they put their creative people in charge of their outreach, marketing, and social media...this is even keeping churches with HUGE budgets from getting the results they should be...

  • All of our best outreach and evangelism strategies...some that are completely free and quick to implement for churches that have limited budgets for outreach.

  • The #1 church marketing and outreach course available online...with over a 1,000 happy members already using’re not getting theory, you’re getting battle-tested training…

  • The “Almost Perfect” church invite ad...word for word script that you can start using right away in your ads, social media, emails, and videos to invite people to church...this laughably simple script has brought thousands of people through the doors of our church and we keep it running in one way, shape, or form 24/7/365…

Because It Works!

But outreach isn't the only thing that matters which is why you'll also learn...

  • A common sense approach to church growth based on Biblical principles that have worked since the days of the early church and still work today...You'll see where most churches get stagnant because they neglect this one simple step.

  • The simple plan you can create this week, in about an hour, that will give clarity and purpose to you, your team, and your church...It will also reduce your stress as a leader because clarity provides peace! And if you don't know where you're going you can't lead others there...

  • How your church budget impacts your growth and what you need to do ASAP to position your church for growth...this one thing has been responsible for hundreds of people having an opportunity to join our church!

  • How to "sharpen the saw" of your own leadership...because leaders are learners and when the leader is growing the church often follows...

  • The one little thing about our "first impressions" that almost all our guests talk about when they come back a second time...

  • Top 10 reasons people don't come back to your church...and how you can fix them ASAP...this matters a lot because 40% of people that come back a second time become members but most churches have a back door that's WIDE OPEN and have been missing opportunities to grow for YEARS.

  • A proven plan for recruiting a team, casting vision, and properly placing your people for maximum impact…

  • What actually "kills" vision before it has a chance to live...

  • ​How your God-given vision can become the CULTURE of your church rather than just words on a page...

  • The BIG mistake most pastors make when it comes to casting vision...hint: they don’t communicate it to the right people...and why that overlooked yet very common mistake is dramatically reducing the reach of their vision...and sometimes stopping it in it's tracks.

  • How to cast a clear and compelling vision for growth that motivates your church to serve, give, and make disciples...even if you've been stagnant or in decline...because nothing motivates true disciples of Jesus more than fulfilling the Great Commission....and it's absolutely possible to see that happen at your church!

But first...

If you're looking for "same old, same old" church training this isn't for you. This isn't about making "marginal" improvements on the status-quo.

I for one am sick of the self-congratulatory preening that goes on amongst insecure pastors and leaders these days, celebrating lackluster impact, while the world around us becomes increasingly secularized and "turned-off" to our message. So, the training you'll receive in UpLevel Leader will be focused on reaching lost people and making a REAL impact.

There are hundreds of thousands of lost and hurting people all around us that Jesus died to save. And it's our JOB to reach them.

What's incredible is that we've been handed the greatest opportunity that's ever existed to share the gospel and reach people...

It's called the INTERNET. Heard of it?

It's the Roman road and printing press of our time...all wrapped into one.

And it makes it almost laughably easy to share the Gospel and reach people!

You can literally speak to your WHOLE city in less than 30 minutes with a simple Facebook post or video...

And yet, many pastors would rather sit idly by and complain about politics, other denominations, and the family that left their church five years ago because the church across town had better music...


Let's just get out there and fulfill the Great Commission using the incredible tools available to us.

So I'm done arguing with petty-minded leaders about methodology. I don't care if you think we should be KJV only, huddle together as scared Christians, and ignore lost're wrong. (Check my Facebook comments sections if you think I'm exaggerating here...)

We're on a mission. So, let's go get it done.

In the words of the late-great D.L. Moody:

"It is clear you don’t like my way of doing evangelism. You raise some good points. Frankly, I sometimes do not like my way of doing evangelism. But I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it."

It's time for us to get serious about reaching people...

If you're ready to LEVEL UP in 2020 this is your time.

And, to make it as much of a no-brainer as possible I'm offering a crazy discount on the membership...

For a VERY limited time you can join for only $97/month...

The cost of a cup of cofffe per day to get the best church marketing and digital evangelism training online...

That will help you reach unchurched people, break barriers, and grow.

Plus, YOU'LL be massively encouraged in the process.

That I can promise you.

So, if you're ready get challenged, encouraged, and equipped as a leader...

It's time to join UpLevel Leader right now.

When you join UpLevel Leader today you'll receive access to all of this:

Courses: Full access to the online course library with over $3,000 worth of in-depth courses for church leaders including the Church Marketing Masterclass™!

Coaching: Live and pre-recorded (online) practical workshops on a single topic/skill within church leadership. You'll also get access to the ENTIRE backlog of workshops when you join!

Community (​24/7/365 ): You'll have unlimited access to the member's area and community. Plus, the UpLevel team is standing by to answer your questions or even lend an ear when needed. However big or small your church or staff may've now got a TEAM standing with you.

Save 30% (almost 4 months FREE) when you choose the Annual Plan!

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Membership Includes:

✔️Courses: Online Course Library (existing and future courses)

✔️Coaching: Live monthly coaching

✔️Community: Members only area for Q&A and Support

✔️Bonus: Special Report - "20 Ways To Grow Your Church In 2020"

✔️Bonus: "20 Ways To Grow Your Church" Live Sessions (2.5 hours of coaching/training)

✔️Bonus: "Breaking 80: Growth Strategies For Small Churches"

✔️Bonus: "The Four Stages Of Vision " Workshop

And much more...

For questions please email: [email protected]

Terms: UpLevel Leader is a recurring membership and you will be billed monthly or annually for continued access unless you cancel. But your rate will NEVER increase as long as you stay subscribed. There are NO refunds because you receive instant access to over $5,000 worth of courses and training.

Fill out the form below and select your desired membership level to join today...

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