Want to reach more people, break stagnation, and see your church grow?

Learn 20 Ways To Grow Your Church In 2020...

Hey Pastor,

If you'd like to see your church reach more people, break stagnation, and make disciples in 2020 then pay close attention because I'm going to share with you the same strategies our church used to grow from 20 to over 500 in only three years...all without a big team or a large budget...

I'm a big fan of working smarter not harder...and I've just put the finishing touches on a great new resource that will make your job as a pastor a lot easier in 2020!

Plus lead to some major breakthroughs if you actually use it...

The resource is called "20 Ways to Grow Your Church In 2020"

And I'd love to get a copy in your hands right away...

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But first the backstory...

Every year in December I go into strategic mode for the coming year and earlier this month as I was in prayer and thought for my church an idea came to me...

"We need to go back to WHAT WORKS."

My church isn't stagnant but we're in a building project and I could feel that our focus wasn't really where it needed to be...

Anyways, as I prayed and thought through it I started to write down ideas...

I asked myself the question, "What are the things that would create growth and move our mission forward in 2020?"

And, once that train started to chug down the tracks it was hard to stop!

But I decided to cut down that HUGE list to 20 power-packed action steps for the year 2020 that I know lead to GROWTH and MOMENTUM!

That's where "20 Ways To Grow Your Church in 2020" came from.

And I'd love to get a copy in your hands today along with some amazing bonuses!

But first, you might be wondering...

Who is this guy and why should I care?

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My name is Jacob Schmelzer and I'm not a mega-church pastor or big name.

I'm just a church planter, pastor, and a pastor's kid that has a heart for other pastors and the local church...

A few years ago my wife and I planted Joy Church in Eugene, OR with a few families and almost no money .

But we had a passion to reach people and see our church grow.

And over the course of 3 short years our church grew from 20 to over 500! Predominatly through outreach...in a largely unchurched community...

Many pastors and leaders started coming to me asking how we used social media and marketing to make such a big impact.

So I started a small business providing training to other pastors on church growth and over the past few years have had the privilege to coach over 400 pastors around the world in outreach and marketing.

And I'd be honored to help you too!

God Bless,

Pastor Jake

Eugene, OR

Everything You'll Receive With Your Order Today...

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"20 Ways To Grow Your Church In 2020" Digital Guide

Here's what you'll discover inside...

✔️ The simple plan you can create this week, in about an hour, that will give clarity and purpose to you, your team, and your church...(It will also reduce your stress as a leader because clarity provides peace! And if you don't know where you're going you can't lead others there...)

✔️ A common sense approach to church growth based on Biblical principles that have worked since the days of the early church and still work today...(You'll see where most churches get stagnant because they neglect this one simple step.)

✔️ How your church budget impacts your growth and what you need to do ASAP to position your church for growth...this one thing has been responsible for hundreds of people having an opprotunity to join our church!

✔️ How to "sharpen the saw" of your own leadership...because leaders are learners and when the leader is growing the church often follows...

✔️ A proven strategy for using "Big Days" to inspire your church and break your next growth barrier...This is the same strategy we used at Joy Church to double our attendance 5x in the last 3 years. It's the BEST way to break growth stubborn growth barriers that have held you back for TOO LONG...

✔️ The one little thing about our "first impressions" that almost all our guests talk about when they come back a second time...

✔️How to dial in your Sunday service and get rid of the "fluff" that's decreasing your implact and causing guests to NOT come back...

✔️And so much more...

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Bonus #1: Facebook Launch!

A step by step video walkthrough of how to launch a proven Facebook campaign for your church...so you won't have to worry about messing it up!

My "simplified" targeting method that almost guarantees the right people will see your invite ads...

The 1 critical mistake most churches make with their Facebook ads thats costing them big money...and most don't even realize it.

How to set your budgets for maximum impact without overspending...

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Bonus #2: The Four Stages Of Vision Workshop

The four stages of vision and why they MUST go in order...

The real reason most leaders NEVER see their vision become a reality...

How to get a God-sized vision and share it with clarity...

​Why you can never borrow or create vision...

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What actually "kills" vision before it has a chance to live...

How your God-given vision can become the CULTURE of your church rather than just words on a page...

​The one stage of vision that almost every pastor misses and why it's STOPPING your vision in its tracks...

How to make your BIG vision SMALL so that your team can put it into action...

​You'll Also Receive: The Complete Study Notes For the Session

Bonus #3: The Big Day Strategy Guide

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A complete step by step guide on how to launch and lead a barrier breaking Big Day at your church...

The best strategy for DOUBLING your attendance in the next six-months

Why you need 3-6 months to properly plan your Big Day and what to do each step of the way...

A proven plan for recruiting a team, casting vision, and properly placing your people for maximum impact...

Bonus #4: Coaching Session Grab-Bag

I've had the privilege of coaching over 500 pastors and leaders in the past few years through the Church Marketing Masterclass...many who have esperienced tremendous growth in their churches!

I want to give you some of those sessions that I belive will help you GROW too...

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Hear from others...

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Here's Everything You'll Receive With Your Order...

20 Ways To Grow Your Church in 2020 Digital Guide

Learn 20 practical steps you can take this year to position your church for growth so that you can reach more people, make a greater kingdom impact, and GROW!

Bonus #1 - Facebook Launch

Facebook Launch will show you how to launch a basic FB ad for your church and I'll even toss in my strategy guide: "3 Proven FB Ads Your Church Should Run Right Away."

Bonus #2 - The Four Stages Of Vision Workshop

Get the live coaching sessions that were offered for members of the UpLevel Leader program where we expanded each of the 20 steps and gave practical insights you can implement in your church today!

Bonus #3 - Big Day Strategy Guide

A complete step by step guide on how to launch and lead a barrier breaking Big Day at your church...including team building, marketing, and strategy...

Bonus #4 - Coaching Session Grab Bag

For a limited time I'm including some of the MOST valuable coaching sessions that were given to members of the Church Marketing Masterclass. Most of these amazing leaders invested over $1,000 to be a part of that coaching group and many saw incredible growth in their churches! Don't miss your chance to get these hands-on coaching sessions...

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When you order today you'll get instant access to all of the content and bonuses...

- You'll receive a link where you can download or view all of the content.

- No passwords or logins to hassle with.

- So you can get started FAST.

90-Day TRUST Guarantee

Because my heart is to serve and bless pastors I offer a no-questions asked, full 90-day money back guarantee. I'm so confident this bundle will help you that I want you to use it and see for yourself for the next 3 months. If at anytime you don't believe it's worth your time or money just send me an email and I'll refund your money.


Why don't you just give this training away for free?

Let me start by saying, I get it. Freely receive, freely give right? So why charge anything for training pastors and churches?

2 BIG reasons...

Reason 1: It costs money and time to create, promote, deliver, and support this content. The post you saw that brought you this page cost something...the website you're reading this on...the hosting fees, email, etc all adds up...

Reason 2: It's been scientifically proven that WE (all of us humans on planet earth) don't value FREE information or training the same as when we pay for it...which means if you want to actually benefit there needs to be an investment.

And I care about YOUR results...therefore you need to invest.

I've seen this principle play out time and time again in my own life as well. FREE advice often falls on deaf ears.

So I'm asking you to make a very small investment in this training that will massively impact you and your church if you put it into action.

Will this help my church grow?

Short answer: yes

Caveat: You've got to take action.

And...neither YOU or I can grow anything...much less a church.

We know that it's GOD that brings growth but we do play a role. We plant and water the seed.

So everything I teach is about positioning your church to grow. And letting God do what He does!

What's the time investment?

Smart question!

The answer is...it depends on how fast you want to get through the content and training. But this is a self-study package. You can work through and implement the training at your own pace.

What am I actually getting here?

When it comes to buying stuff online it's often confusing!

"What am I actually getting here?" is a great question to ask.

If you decide to purchase today you'll be getting a digital bundle of resources and training including: links, PDFs, and videos.

It will all come in ONE compressed folder that you can store on your hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even on a USB.

There are no passwords or logins to hassle with.

You'll be able to download your content right away and start using it.

Can I share this with other people?

If it's your spouse, kids, or church staff that's totally fine!

But please don't share it with other pastors or leaders...

We're not sending the FBI after you if you do but...it's unethical. So I'm asking you to honor my trust and not share this.

If you think it will help a friend just send them back to this page or have them email me: [email protected]

We'll get them all setup with their own account!

Who are you again?

Let's do the formal introduction shall we?

My name is Jacob Schmelzer.

I'm the pastor of Joy Church in Eugene, OR which my wife and I planted in 2016 with a small team and no money! www.joyeugene.com

We're blessed to have 3 rambunctious kids: Evie, Jack, and Penny...who are actively planning to rule the world...

Beyond my main roles as a Jesus follower, husband, dad, and pastor....

I also have to privilege of coaching pastors and church leaders.

Over the past few years I've been honored to personally coach (in our online group coaching) over 400 pastors and serve more than 1,000 others through my online courses.

It's been a huge blessing getting to be a part of what God is doing through the local church and I can't wait to work with you!

God bless,


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